About Filippo...

Filippo Zerilli was born and raised in Italy. His father Tony
owned a lumber yard and workshop. The fine art of Old World European Carpentry has been passed down to him from his father. At 7 years old Filippo began to learn his trade from his father. He would go to his father's workshop (See photograph left side falegnameria) and learn little by little. As he grew up he designed his own doors and furniture. Every detail hand sculpted, not pre-manufactured by machines and sold in home improvement stores. Every intricate detail takes long hours of dedication.

After years of creating one of a kind yacht cabins in Tuscany,
as well as custom molding and furniture all over Italy. Filippo decided to take a chance on the American dream. He came to the United States without any family and only speaking few words of English. He started from scratch working in workshop until he had enough work to send for his family. Filippo and his two sons loved the American cluture and so he continuted to pursue his dream of starting his own business. He studied English to improve communication with his clients and was successful in achieving his goal. The business took off with word of mouth and his clients became lifelong friends. Filippo is very proud to present this timeless art of European Custom Carpentry to America.

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